What do you need to submit to us for taxes?

Tax time., where to do your taxes affordably. This is that time of year that could be stressful for you. You could do them yourself, by clicking here to learn about software authorized to submit taxes. You might want them done by someone else as that software behind the link that you might need to pay for some of the better programs and perhps your taxes are not easy. You want them done fast as well as correctly. The cutoff date is after March annually, but it is better late than not. We can do at any time of the year and back-taxes too. We’ll do forign taxes if you are here in Canada as a landed immigrant or new Canadian and if part of that is earned in a foreign country. H&R Block and other tax services are pretty costly, but If you qualify, bring them to us. We have a couple of tax specialists volunteering and working for us so it costs you nothing. To get your taxes done faster from Handy Circle or elsewhere, we need to have the following information to be included with your tax information. After downloading your tax info from CRA My Account, please include a slip and address it on a sealed envelope to Handy Circle at 101, 490 Quebec St (postal code if mailing, V2L 5N5). We have a mail slot by the double doors to the left of the main door (no stamp required to drop off, just complete the info needed below):

Image of the word TAX being carried on the back of a person, the cross that we carry annually...
Citizen burdened with the word ‘TAX’ on the person’s back
  • Your Gender, as known by Revenue Canada
  • Your first and last name
  • Your social Insurance Number, if Canadain. Other identifying number in nation if forign
  • Rental address, residential name, amount of ($400 bonus as of 2024)
  • Canadain Citizenship? (Y/N)
  • Your phone number, indicate cell or landline-LL), email addy. Indicate whether you’ll pickup from 101-490 Quebec St or if we should mail the complete forms back, or even emailed back.
  • If you hold disabled, or senior staus. Is disabiliy Provincial or Federal or both?
  • Would you like to be on the voters list? (Y/N)

We sohould have your taxes prepared within a few days, as long as we have this information supplied. We will try to get you the maximum return on your taxes. Please subscribe below (*you’ll need a WordPress Account to subscribe) to keep informed on our posts. Note if you start a new account, you’ll have the option to build a new website on WordPress.com, a shared Server domain, that’s free. We thank you in advance for using our Tax service to help you, even if you don’t subscribe.

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