“We acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia.”

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Winner for Our December 15th 2021 50/50 draw was Doreen F Prince George BC Ticket  # HCRS-B-449
  • Handy Circle Resource Society provides and promotes public awareness of the needs of Persons with Disabilities and Special Needs
  • Information and  referral services
  • Peer counselling
  • Workshops / seminars / conferences on topics such as financial security, housing, transportation and self-help skills etc.
  • Basic Computer Training
  • Handy Circle promotes social and recreational interaction as a drop in service
  • Filling out medical forms, and provide you with your next steps to succeed.

  • We Volunteer with CRA  to provide help filing yearly income taxes

  • We provide one on one training to help you do your own taxes each year.

  • Have a CANDO Event Each year for 200 persons with Disabilties and Special Needs

  • We provide a craft classes online,  we drop of free craft supplies to their homes so we can still be connected.


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 Thank you for providing computers to our Program and our Clients with Disabilities. Their Service  is very valuable to our program, and our clients.